31 January 2008

Back to the Past

I had a brilliant evening gossiping with a couple of good friends last night. The topic of conversation got round to when I used to be a craft worker, and my friends requested that I put some of the photos of the work I did up on my blog. So here they are. The pic above is of my next door neighbour's daughter modeling one of my reversible dresses and matching hat. One side of the dress was a red check and the other the lovely red daisy fabric. The dress could be flipped inside out depending on what mood you were in or if one side got a bit grubby. I also did lovely bright and colourful reversible dungarees, little padded jackets, sun hats, waistcoats, fleecy hats and scarves and cot quilts. The above snap is of my stall at a special market day in Berwick. I usually did indoor craft events or craft tents at Agricultural shows. The lovely quilted pics were done by my best friend Sheena, and they sold like hot cakes.

I stencilled the chickens on to the fabric of the above dress.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Very impressive Nicola!
I see I am not the only one taking a trip down memory lane this week :)
Your creations are really pretty and cute.


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