30 January 2008

Today's Daisies #20

Today's daisies are on a glass pendant Peter bought for me a couple of years ago. Quite soon after he gave it to me the loop that held the pendant on to its chain broke, so it has been languishing in a drawer ever since. A couple of weeks ago Peter spotted it in my jewellery box and asked why I did not wear it. When I explained it had broken he said "Don't worry I can fix that easily." and he did. There are some benefits to having a husband who is a Dentist. I now have my pendant back in working condition, after being drilled, cemented and given a new loop made out of a bit of dental wire (I think, I did't question him to much as to what he usually used the wire for).

1 comment:

retrorose said...

What a beautiful pendant. I like daisies too, and roses. Just discovered your blog. I'll have to get back for a proper read soon.


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