03 May 2007

I have been browsing through old photos again. Here are some of a day we spent traipsing all over a Northumbrian hillside looking for the ruins of a Roman Hill Fort. Needless to say we never found it. The view is over to the Cheviots in Northumberland. I used to think they were big hills till I moved here.
When we eventually stopped searching the hillside, we trotted off to look for an Ancient Monument that we would be able to find. In a small wood there are some cup and ring marks. Sorry I do not know a lot about them, but it is awsome to find something that was carved into rocks 1000's of years ago, by people that may or may not have been ancestors of mine. This is a link to a website that explains a bit more. Despite its possible savage history, it is a very beautiful and strangely calm place.
Having a little homesick moment. The good news is my Mum is coming over for a visit. I have not seen her for 18 months and I am soooo excited about it.

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