02 June 2010

Kitchen Makeover another update

Its looking really good don't you think, one side finished at last. I am pleased at how it looks after so many months of planning and waiting. We managed to buy another large lump of rimu from TradeMe. The bidding went right up to my limit and stopped, thankfully. This bit was a workbench from Hastings Intermediate. We are going to use it as benchtops for the island unit and the bit beside the stove.The tiles below are a mad idea I had for the rest of the benchtops. What do you think. At the moment I am veering too no, but may be swayed. Please leave a comment.


Julz said...

Your kitchen makeover is looking fantastic. Personally I think you should keep searching for Rimu for all the kitchen benches, keeps to the theme you are creating, tiles would add a different element. Years ago I rented a house that had small tile benchtops and to be honest Nicola, they were a complete pain keeping grout clean, and it really dated the kitchen. Wooden benches and white cupboards create a timeless look that can be freshened up with different colours/accessories when you need a lift. Look forward to seeing more photo's as the make over progresses. Hugs Jx

Jen said...

very nice :)


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