10 June 2010

Who would have guessed ......

Do you remember the lovely door that I bought that was a little too short. Well I have been clearing out and selling the doors I did not want. I really did not want to part with this one and was hoping it would end up somewhere where it would be appreciated. Not in my wildest imaginations did I think it would end up going to the place it headed off to today.
Do you recognise the building at all ........... yes my lovely door is heading down to Wellington to be part off an exhibition in Te Papa the national museum. They are setting up a display of life in the 1940's and wanted a door, and bought mine. I was so excited about this, not only will it have a good home, but also it can be admired by lots of people. The exhibition will be on for 10 years. I want to go down to see it when it is installed, and will sneak some photos of it in postion.


SWEET MARY said...

Thats so cool - your door in Te Papa !

Julz said...

Isn't it a funny world we live in! Who would have thought your purchaser would be Te Papa! Now your door will be seen by thousands of people. Hugs Jx


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