22 July 2007

Harry Potter Weekend

I have had a very Harry Potter weekend, I could almost say I am Harry Pottered out. On Saturday afternoon we went to see the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I enjoyed it more than the the other Harry Potter films. They were good, but not how I pictured the books as I read them. This current film is much more like I visualized the book.

As you will probably know the last Harry Potter book came out on Saturday. Of course I had to buy a copy. And yes of course I had to sit down and read it. A strange thought that all over the world people were reading the same book at the same time. Has this ever happened on such a scale before. And yes I did not stop reading until the book was finished. And yes I did enjoy every single minute of it. I am sorry this is the last book, they were all great reads. And no I am not going to give any of the story away.

I am a J K Rowling admirer. I know that the hype surrounding HP is criticised, but for me it is all a part of the the delicious HP experience. Previous to HP this genre of fiction was not that popular. HP has helped bring it to the public eye and open the flood gates for other fantasy fiction and movies, both for kids and for adults. So thank you J K Rowling, you have given me hours and hours of pleasure in the company of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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