13 April 2007

After last Sunday's kitchen disasters, we have had to replace our old kitchen monstrosity. It was ridiculous the oven only had one top element working. The rings on the top only worked on very hot or not, so I had to move pans around constantly to stop things from burning. And I have no idea what the warming drawer was meant to achieve other than waste space.

Today our new lovely sleek and shiny model arrived. What a treat to be able to set the hob elements to heat at varying rates, the fan oven to work. Unfortunatly the only problem was that it is so shiny Buffy the cat saw her reflection and thinks we have a new cat living in the oven.

P.S. How sad am I for getting excited about a new stove. And you to for reading all about it!

P.P.S. Can you see my feet in the reflection.

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