11 September 2007

My Lucky Day

Seems like it was my lucky day today (darn I should have nipped out for a lottery ticket). First the kids were actually talking and joking in the car this morning, usually all the conversation I get out of them is a couple of grunts, must have been the spring air. Then I was contacted by the owners of that lovely house we stayed in at Tokaanu, to say that we could have a free weekend if we liked. The reason for this was to make up for the water leak that dripped on Peter while he was sleeping. Not that he noticed, it was me that the dripping noise kept awake.
When I got home after work today I found my new worm farm on the door step, complete with a bucket full of worms. My brilliant mum had, quite out of the blue, sent me the above Japanese Oragami Quilt book, which was waiting in my mail box. I am such a lucky girl, thanks Mum.

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