01 December 2007

Today's Daisy #9

Today's daisy is the pendant I wore last night when we went our for a meal with my work colleagues. Peter and I had a great time, but were not too impressed with the meal. We went to Glen Etive a restaurant which mixes Scottish and Kiwi food styles! At the start of the evening we were served breads, for which I think they paid $5 per head. Sounds reasonable, but there were 17 of us and we were supplied with 16 slices of bread. Peter and I had to share a slice. How can they justify $5 per head for one tiny slice of bread. I would expect about to get at least two slices per person. The next course was soup, Kumera (sweet potato) and Coconut, very very yummy. Then steak on a bed of mash, again very nice, but just not enough veggies, and the ones we did get were soggy. The pudding was meant to be Scottish Christmas pudding, we suspected this would be battered and deep fried christmas pudding. Instead it turned out to be Spotted Dick (and yes the whole table went through the whole range of jokes you would expect to hear). I was really looking forward to this, but yet again the accompanying sauce was a very meagre portion and the Spotted Dick itself was so dry and unappatising. Now the setting was really lovely with a view out of Havelock to Te Mata Peak. So we may well try it again sometime, perhaps for lunch on a nice warm day, just to see if maybe the restaurant is better when it is not catering for large parties.

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