17 July 2010

To hedge or not to hedge

The two parts of our garden, the formal and the wild, are divided up by this hedge. For years I have trimmed it and cared for it. But never really liked it that much. In fact to tell the truth I hate the smell of it. Its only good point is that the bees love it. Sooooooo I was thinking about removing it. Then planting with grasses, hebes and flaxes - like the pic below. I love to see the light through the grasses and the way they move in the breeze. I have tried to do formal gardening - it is not me. I just can't get it to work. Therefore I thought that a more edge of wild look to the garden would be more me. What do you think? Should I take it down?
I am so glad you said, yes. Because this morning the sun was shining, I fancied a bit of gardening, and the hedge has gone.
Looks great I think. What do you think? I nearly gave up it was hard work, and I was quite tired. I am glad I didn't. Though I suspect I will have some sore muscles tomorrow.
The extra benefit is I can now get close enough to the pampas grass to remove it. When I say, I can get close enough to remove it, what I actually mean Peter can get close enough to remove it.

1 comment:

SWEET MARY said...

That looks great Nic - I like the less formal look too. Rainbow pics are good too.


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