04 April 2011

Still working on that Kitchen Makeover

For a year our kitchen has not had fitted work surfaces. It had a patchwork of old bits from the old kitchen. The sink has been balanced on a couple of lumps of wood. Not really very easy to clean or hygienic.
I kept checking Trade Me to see if I could pick up some lumps of rimu that we could convert. After months and months of looking we found this couple of table tops complete with chewing gum.

Next step, lots of sanding, staining and oiling.

The end result three sections of work surface completed and in place.
Now all is needed is the long section under the window. I have a cunning plan more about that soon.
The kitchen looking like a proper kitchen almost.
The sink is at last fitted into a work surface, the wrong work surface, but at least there are no more gaps.
No extra bits of work surface sticking out to catch your arms or clothes on.
The french doors will eventually get put in place, just not for another few months, maybe next Spring. The nights are too cold now to have a large hole cut out of the wall.
After all the work we were shut out of our lovely kitchen while my eldest son and his mate were working on some software. Which we did not really mind as they were doing it for the Red Cross in Christchurch. Well done guys.

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SWEET MARY said...

Lots and lots of blog posts - cor blimey! Lots of cool photos Nic. I have never been on that little walk near your work.


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