27 March 2012

The Moon and The Stars

The Carter Observatory in Wellington mentioned that at them moment you can see Venus, the Moon and Jupiter in alignment. Peter and I thought we would see if we could spot them.
Finding the Moon and Venus was not to difficult.
Then very faintly in the top right hand corner of this photo I think this might be Jupiter. Just might be, because frankly it could be any other star. We really have no idea, but it would be nice to think they all lined up for us.


softearthart said...

I have been looking on my early morning walk with my neighbor , it is a bit tricky to find, cheers Marie

Anne said...

We've had a good view of the moon and Venus, as we had wonderful clear skies last week

John said...

there is nothing which feels good enough rather then watching up in the sky and searching stars and moon!

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