14 March 2009

Farmers Market or Supermarket

I know that I do keep blogging about our local farmers market, so if you are bored don't read on.
We are very lucky here in Hawkes Bay to have a farmers market every week. Last Sunday while I was staggering around full of the cold, it dawned on me how much I enjoy the whole market shopping experience. What would you rather do, go to the supermarket or wander around the farmers market. There are wheelbarrows to use instead of trolleys.
Live music instead of supermarket music.
Friendly, helpful eftpos facilities. Organic produce at a good price direct from the grower, instead of the supermarket inflated organic prices .
Avocados sorted for me, I buy some that are ready now and some that will be ready in a few days.
Organic plants for my garden.

And lots and lots of lovely stalls full of delicious produce.

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