15 March 2009

My Garden Trip

This weekend I have got over my nasty cold and am feeling so much better. My youngest wanted to build a den in the wood. So I cleared some of the undergrowth for him. Being me I got a little carried away and ended up trimming quite a few trees. While I was clearing up the tree trimmings I notice a few potholes where my youngest had been digging. While I was thinking to myself - better fill those pot holes in before somebody really hurts themselves - I fell in one of the potholes and my ankle gave a bit of a crack as I fell. You can see in the snap below how hard it was to see the pot hole. After lying on the ground groaning, among the mosquitos, I realised I had to get myself back up to the house somehow.
Crawling on my hands and knees I set off while my youngest ran off to get the first aid kit, so he could bandage me up! Peter went to get some pain killers. Peter did offer to help but it was just too painful to hop, and he would have dropped me if he carried me.

I dragged myself up the hill.
And up the steps, and across the wet lawn, while the family looked on giggleing. They giggled even more when I insisted that before I went to hospital I had to wash my face and hands and apply some makeup. I am a girl after all.

In the waiting room at the hospital my ankle developed a very large egg, just above the ankle bone. The emergency department was full of motor bike riders who had had accidents at a local Motor Cross meeting. And there was I with a broken ankle from gardening.

If you look closely you can see the bottom of one of my shin bones has been snapped off. All that fuss for such a tiny break.

After only 4 hours at the Emergency Department I was home again, complete with plaster cast, crutches and demanding chocolate. The next 6 weeks are going to be interesting, I am a very active person and hate sitting still. I won't even be able to drive! Work is not a problem because I can work from home. But sitting still, I will have time for sewing perhaps. Mind you the family have already started playing tricks on me, which should if not keep me on my toes, at least will stop me from being bored.


JustJess said...

Oh Nicola, you poor thing! After your cold, you now have a broken bone! I understand that you had to wash before going to hospital - of course!

retrorose said...

How awful!Isn't it good there were family round you, even if they were giggling at you. Hope it isn't too sore.

SWEET MARY said...

Heal fast Nic - you poor thing!

Nicola said...

Will try to. Thanks for all the lovely comments.


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