30 November 2009

The delights of Trellinoe Park

Hidden in the ranges on the road from Napier to Taupo is Trellinoe Park. An amazing garden created in among the forests and fields of sheep. Set among beautiful scenery.
We have been trying to visit it for years. Every time we arranged to go something would happen. Last time my youngest came down with Chicken Pox.
This time we did not plan to go. We just got up one day and I said its time we had a trip out to see that garden. So we dragged our youngest into the car, with promises of KFC on the way home, and off we went. Visiting gardens is not high on a nine year olds fun time list. I am so glad we did. The trip was fantastic, we all enjoyed it. Tramping through the garden being explorers. It was such fun.

Next time you wake up on a Sunday with nothing to do, take a picnic have a good day out. Just remember the picnic. There is a cafe there, but I would recommend the picnic, that is a whole other story, ask me about it sometime.

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