12 December 2009

Summer is here and Christmas is on the way

1st of December and Summer is here. While I was cooking tea it started to get very,very dark. I figured it would be a good idea to feed the guinea pigs now, before the rain started. It was very, very still and very, very hot. The clouds seemed a little confused and were rushing around in circles, I know the feeling. I was caught in a dilemma feed the guinea pigs while it was still dry, or rush in and get my camera to take a picture. You don't get any prizes for guessing what I choose. I got the picture, then the giant drops of rain started to hit the ground. I dumped the camera with one of the kids, and ran to feed the guinea pigs and get the washing in. By the time I got back to the house I was soaked and the thunder had started. Next the wind hit, it seemed to be coming from all sides at once. My youngest ran about in the wind and rain having a great time. I was very tempted to join him, but the tea needed to be finished off.

After the rain the cold air rolled in and stayed for a few days. Summer had arrived and it was freezing, well actually it was 16c, but if felt really cold. Thankfully the cold only lasted a couple of days and then the heat came back (it was 37c in the super market car park yesterday). The Pohutukawa
is in bloom and Christmas is on the way.

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