21 December 2009

Taranaki Weekend - The Concert

Here it is the concert. Fleetwood Mac at last. We stood there in the rain and drizzle singing our hearts out. By us I mean the whole audience, not just Peter and I, all 18000 of them. One of the songs sung by Stevie Nicks, Landslide, came over very poignantly. As I sang along quietly, I could hear thousands of women of my age, singing along quietly and wistfully too. Usually this kind of emotional claptrap leaves me cold, but just this one time it felt so right. It was a great concert, something I never ever thought I would see. I enjoyed it, Peter enjoyed it, my 19 year old eldest enjoyed it and even my 9 year old youngest loved it too, he sang all the way home, and he had no idea who Fleetwood Mac were before the concert. The setting was amazing among trees in the park. Thanks to my eldest for the pictures.

Also a very big thanks to New Plymouth District Council for organising the parking etc. We were let in to the venue early and had time to sit around and take in our surroundings. We were able to leave after the concert with ease and drive away with no problems.

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