08 August 2010

The latest furniture makeover -

I felt very inspired by the Keirunga Quilt groups show and wanted to go home and quilt. You may be wondering what this has to do with the picture above. Bear with me I will get there eventually. As I am half way through the study makeover the study is very empty at the moment. There is nowhere to put my sewing machine and sewing stuff. I decided I needed a table at a height that would allow me to stand and use my sewing machine, with shelves below for all my bits and pieces. I have a painting trolley table thing. It makes an excellent mobile scaffolding, allowing me to reach ceilings and high spots when painting. Now I have my high ladder I don't need it so much. Hmm I thought a perfect sewing table.
To clean it up I thought I would just rub it down a bit, and paint over the paint stains. Then in my usual getting carried away style I decided that the paint was coming off quite well and I should keep going. One hour later, I think it turned out quite well. Not to bad for a cheap bit of furniture. I know it is cheap, firstly because it belongs to me and secondly because it came from Ikea. We have definitely had our moneys worth out of it. It started life as a kitchen trolley and extra work space, in my tiny little kitchen. Then it did service as a computer table, before it became the painting scaffolding table. And now it will make a great sewing table.
The finished result, not perfect, but just what I need, and who really needs perfection anyway. The study still has a long way to go. Before I fill it up with stuff I need to give the floor a very gentle sand and seal. Then I might just get to spend some of my spare time sewing.

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Julz said...

Wow - that trolley/table came up a treat will look fab with your sewing machine on top and lots of crafty things around. Hugs Jx


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