15 August 2010

Study Makeover - The Zebra floor stage

This weekends project more floor sanding. What I wanted to do was just give the floor a very slight sand before varnishing. But no matter how lightly I sanded I still ended up with a zebra floor. This time I did not want to take it right back to the original colour, it would have looked weird against the rimu skirting boards. After a bit of searching I found a stain the right colour to match the rest of the wood. I think it looks really good. Just need to do a few coats of varnishing now.

1 comment:

Julz said...

The floor has come up a treat. Isn't it the way you find the stain after you've done hours of sanding... poor shoulder muscles! Weird to say though I miss wooden floors, we had them in our old house (was its best feature). Hugs Jx


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