10 October 2010

A Sunday afternoon stroll in the park

This Sunday afternoon I went for a stroll in the park, well not really a stroll more of a duathalon, with a team of my work collegues.
As this was meant to be a fun family event, we decided that it would be a good idea to dress up. I was very certain we would not be winning the race, infact I was pretty certain that we would be last. None of us had done any training, well hardly any training. So we decided to go very all out on our costumes.
Our team was made up of three software developers, it was suggested that we should be the bugs and dress as spiders! We thought for a while and came up with the Ladybugs, after we walked into the shop and the first wings we found were red spotty ones.
Don't you think we all look amazing. The duathalon was a 5km walk by Linda on the right, 23km bike ride by Vicki in the middle and another 5km walk by me.
Just thought you would like to see the reverse side so you could see the full costume. We made the tutu's ourselves from quite a few meters of tule, some buttons, ribbons and a feather boa. We were ready to strut our funky stuff.
Linda, first up, arriving back at the end of her lap at high speed, looking as fresh as a daisy.
Vicki looked amazing speeding along on her bike wings flapping in the breeze.
Linda and Vicki joined me for the big finish and we all walked over the finishing line together, 33 minutes faster than we had anticipated. Strangely enough we were not last, there was still another walker a minute behind me.
There was a bit of competition from some dodgy looking pirates for the best dressed prize.
They did not stand a chance, the Intersoft Ladybugs were the best dressed team. Our prize was a bottle of Hawkes Bay wine each, yummy.

It must have been a lucky day for me I also won a mug tree with a set of six mugs. Excuse me while I go and check my lottery ticket, just in case.


SWEET MARY said...

Well done Nic - you all look, well, amazing!

Lien said...

You all look great, well done and great prizes.


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