31 October 2010

Its party time, or it was .....................

This year is mine and Peter's 50th birthday, which we had to celebrate - it is half way to a whole century. The planning has gone on for months. There has been manic gardening tidying by me, to no avail, because as soon as I finished one border I would notice another full of weeds.
A quick garage makeover to tidy it up. I hated the yukky cream colour it was painted originally, and love the new black garage.
Since this was a significant birthday we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the decades and asked everyone to dress in clothes from the decade they were born in. Peter decided to tie dye his own t-shirt.
Keriann lent me some of her beautiful red and white bunting for the marquee and I made some of my own, too tie to the mail box instead of balloons.
We had it all planned for a lovely evening - hoping that we could leave the sides of the marquee and have the lights rigged up outside. The weather did not cooperate - it was cold and wet. We had to abandon the light and put the sides back on the Marquee.
By 6:30pm we were all ready to go. Peter I think is Shaggy from scobbie doo, I was attempting to be Sandy Shaw with my bare feet. Peter did suggest instead of going as Twiggy I would have to go as Trunky - he is still being punished for that suggestion.
Despite the rain, I think everyone had a good time. I did. A lot of hippies turned up for the event, along with Lulu and Cher, and a generic 80's girl.

More peace loving hippies.
Another bunch of celebs John Travolta from Grease, Sonny and Anchor Man. At least thats what they told me.
No party would be complete without Austin Powers and a groovy chic.
There was also a young lady from the French Resistance who would say things only once and managed to avoid getting her photo taken. This has given me an idea for our next party in 10 years time, it will have to be a spy party.
There was even a very young Jedi running around drinking Sith beer, I think he needs to brush up on his spelling.
From the looks of the debris from the pary it was a great night. I hope all the guests enjoyed themselves as much as we did.
All the food disappeared - thank you to Justine for taking over and serving our guests.
Thank you again to Keriann for the use of the bunting.
Finaly the garden back to normal as if nothing at all had ever happened.

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SWEET MARY said...

A great party Nic - thanks. Lots of good photos and the garage looks great.


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