27 August 2007

Can cats teleport?

We are pretty sure that our cat Rana can teleport. We have suspected that she could do it for a while. Quite often we open a cupboard and out she saunters, and I know nobody has been in that cupboard for days. Yesterday Peter and my eldest caught her at it. Peter saw her squeeze into the sideboard first. Then my eldest found her fast asleep, in a kitchen cupboard with the coffee cups, a couple of minutes later. Both of them were in the kitchen at the time and nobody had seen here appear out of the sideboard never mind climb into a kitchen cupboard (which she is not allowed to do). The only explanation is that cats can teleport, personally I blame Mr Schodinger, all that stuffing cats into metaphorical boxes.
The pic is of Rana assisting me when I was tidying the quilting room.

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