24 August 2007

Quilt as you go

Last weekend I did a "Quilt as you go" class with Linda from Craftlands in Napier at Thoms Moores. I thought we would make up the patchwork squares then quilt them to backing before joining them. But as you can see you actually do all three in one go. Exactly as it said in the name of the class. The backing and wadding were used in a foundation peicing type way, so for each patchwork seam you sew through the wadding to quilt the backing. This is a very fast method, during the class I managed to do 12 of the 16 blocks. Sashing is used to join the blocks together.

I am really pleased with the result. I wanted to use some of my stash of chicken fabrics, which I thought went really well with the checks and spots. I am a bit into spots at the moment. I wish fabric companies would print checks that were straight. Every time I line them up very carefully, cut them out totally in line to find out the reverse side is squint. I think in this case it kind of goes with the country look I was trying to get.
Watch this space in the next couple of days for the finished quilt. Hopefully I will manage not to stab myself on the nose again, like I did earlier today while joining up the strips of quilt.

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