14 March 2010

Fourth weekend of the Kitchen Makeover

Weekend number four of the kitchen makeover and it is floor sanding time. At last we can get rid of the orangey coloured varnish and the red stripes, we thought.
Emptying the kitchen made it look so very, very large. Maybe I should make the family eat standing up at the island and not bring back the table. Just a thought.
After a few hours of sanding with the big sander, the edge sander (which did not actually do right up to the edge) and the little detail sander, the horrid orangey varnish was gone. Unfortunately the red stripes weren't. We could not get them to move at all. All weekend we discussed why did they put the stripes there, what was the reason. Then it clicked with me. While sanding I found out why. The red stripes followed the nail lines and disguised them. Personally I would rather see the nails, but I guess, short of laying a new floor, we are going to have to keep the red stripes. Since we hired the sander and it was a dry weekend we thought it would be a good idea to do the hall and
and the lounge. Then all the floors would be the same colour. So we heaved all the furniture out on to the veranda and just went for it.
I quite like the minimal look of picnicking in the lounge. It was brilliant doing my morning yoga in such a big space instead of the usual squish up between furniture.
Peter arranged the furniture out on the veranda so between layers of varnishing we could sit out and enjoy the view in comfort.


Jen said...

wow you guys worked really hard this weekend

kiwicarole said...

Brilliant progress, very exciting! Really frustrating red stripes tho!


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