07 March 2010

A very, very good night

Last night I had the privilege of getting to see one of my favourite musicians, Boz Scaggs. This is one of the great things about living in New Zealand. I would never ever have had this opportunity in the UK. The evening started with the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. Who were brilliant.
Then Malcolm MacDonald. Who was very professional and had a great bunch of musicians with him. Notice another guy with white hair. The audience and the stage was full of them.
Then finally the brilliant Boz Scaggs. I had a great time, I sang all the way through and enjoyed every minute. I never thought I would get to see him play live and it was worth the 32 year wait (I feel so old).
For the last few numbers I just could not stay in my seat any longer and had to join the dancers down at the front. I was about six feet away from Mic Fleetwood. Amazing. Apologies for the over enthusiasm, but we had such a great night.
The one major problem I had was with the people behind us, who seemed to think they were at a drinking party and that it would be a good idea to just talk/shout all the way through. While listening to Mic Fleetwood and his blues band they constantly kept saying, "When is he going to play Albatross". When they eventually did play Albatross, they then talked very loudly over it. Why do that? If they wanted to talk they could have gone to the lobby. I think the people behind them told them to shut up, because they disappeared before Boz Scaggs came on, thank goodness.

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Jen said...

a friend of mine was one of the stage hands and helped with the sound

pleased you enjoyed yourself


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