07 March 2010

Weekend 3 of the kitchen makeover

Things have slowed down a little in the kitchen makover. Still progressing just slowly, all the fiddly little bits that don't look like they are there, but are very noticeable if not done, are getting done. We now have a rangehood in place, maybe a bit high. The chap from Mitre 10 said that the minimum height for a rangehood is 750mm from the top of the stove. Hmm I think perhaps he was exagerating. But there it is and there it will stay. At least this one sucks not blows, which are old one used to do. Lots of the painting is finished, eventually. Earlier in the week I got another tin of paint made up, which turned out to be not the right colour. I had to wait for new stock to come in before I could get the right colour. Two days of painting lost. The edging strip still needs to be painted it will not be left wood colour. More odd bits of old benchtop have been added. Getting the proper benchtop looks a lot further off this week, but I will really appreciate it when it arrives.

Next weekend is the big floor sanding weekend. We are going to hire a sander and just go for it, sanding the kitchen, hall and a quick rub down in the lounge. Hope it will be a sunny weekend, cause all our furniture will be outside.

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Jen said...

very nice
I like the green


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