03 May 2010

One installed at last

I have used one of my collection of doors at last. This used to be a very ugly door with horrible green glass. Now it is a beautiful kitchen door. Unfortunatly while installing it Peter dropped it and made a hole in the larder door. Horray, said I, I really want to get rid of the larder door. I have filled the hole for now, but I am keeping my eyes out for a nicer one without a large hole in it.
I have another two doors, one for the lounge and one for the shower room, sanded and ready for installation. Then next doors to go in will be the french doors for the kitchen. It will look amazing once they are in place. I can't wait. So far I have sanded them down and filled all the holes. The glass is badly scratched, so we are going to replace it with laminated safety glass, which also will reduce the heat loss. I will post pictures as work goes on.
I am also going to attempt to sell off all the other doors I have aquired over the years, or maybe do a swap at the re-cycling yard.

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SWEET MARY said...

Love the first photo in this blog - the new kitchen door.


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