11 May 2010

Pudding anyone

Because Peter and I are attempting to keep an eye on our weight, we don't usually have puddings. We both like cooking puddings and eating puddings. So we have come up with a cunning plan. We are going to have only pudding one night a week, nothing before the pudding, just pudding. I caved in a bit this week and we had pumpkin soup first before our bread and butter pudding. Maybe next week we will manage it. My mouth is watering already thinking of Apple Crumble.


Lien said...

I'm a dessert freak as well, we have feijoa crumble tonight can't wait. And I think I will have some vanilla ice cream with it as well. Go for an extra round on the beach tonight to stay (full)slim.

SWEET MARY said...

Had that apple crumble yet? I am cooking the most delicious spiced apple compote in my slow cooker today. It would be a great base for your crumble.


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