08 August 2008

Big Plans #1

This is some of my before pictures. I have been planning our renovations for a while and I think we are just about ready to start, thanks to the little sink accident. The front door of my house opens on to the kitchen, which I have never liked. So we are going to move it into the middle, with a window either side, and get rid of the ugly plumbing pipes.
Our front door will then be where are toilet is at them moment. We will move the toilet into the bathroom next door. The little alcove in the kitchen which the door opens onto at the moment will become my walk in pantry. I have always envied Keriann her lovely pantry, it will be so cool to have one of my own. We can then get rid of the big ugly pantry cupboard in the kitchen and move the fridge and freezer down a bit. But before all this happens, we will have to do the bathroom. First of all we are going to strip out everything. Put in a nice frameless shower with a ceramic base. A new lou and a new hand basin. I am having great fun sourceing our bathroom fittings. Once all the above is done, we will move on to the other bathroom, which as you can see below, with its scratched, pink, plastic sink really needs a lot of TLC.
To cut a long story short by removing an alcove in a bedroom and moving the door frame by 90 degrees into the corridor, we can double the size of the other shower room which will leave room to put the bath in there. But that is stage 4 and a very long way off. Meanwhile I would like to put two sets of french doors. One in the dining bit of the kitchen, so we can add a deck and sit out and admire the view down the garden. And the second in my sewing room, which opens onto the veranda. So I can open them up in the summer and feel like I am sewing outside.

This is all going to take a long time. I will probably be retired before we are finished, but it will be worth the wait.


SWEET MARY said...

Cool, cool and cool!

CurlyPops said...

Keep posting lots of reno shots please! I love watching renovations happen. I'm hoping to re-do my bathrooms soon so I would love to see how yours turns out.


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