25 August 2008

A bit of a wobble

We have just had a bit of a wobble here. As you can see on the image above there was a 5.9 earthquake, just a couple of k down the road. I was just dropping of to sleep when the wall behind the bed started shaking and then then the whole room shook and the windows rattled. Quite exciting really, but now I am full of adrenalin and can't sleep. Hopefully no damage was done.
Update: Yes I did get to sleep eventually. No we have no damage. There are reports of broken windows and things falling off shelves, but apart from that Hawkes Bay has been very lucky this time.


JustJess said...

Wow. I hope there was no damage too! I hope that you got some rest!

Hannah said...

I cant imagine what that would be like. Earthquakes just dont happen here. Hope everything was ok.

swallowtail said...

O what fun! No! Earthquakes are common here in N. California, and I never get used to them! A funny trait has developed: I always look for signs of retro-fitting when I enter a building!


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