16 April 2010

Advice required

How do you tell the difference between Pampas Grass and the native Toe Toe (pronounced Toi Toi, I hope)? We have this magnificent specimen of either one of the above, in completely the wrong place. If it is Pampas Grass it will have to be removed and dumped. If it is the native Toe Toe I will attempt to move it to a more suitable position. If you know please leave a comment.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I believe thats toetoe as Pampass Grass (a THORN in my SIDE) is bushy. What you're showing is more grassy like toetoe.

Pampass grows up inside itself so the old grassy shoots die off and the roots extend upward creating that heaping bushy mound of grass of which the plumes bloom from.

Toetoe is a sprawling grassy plant. Pampass grass also has razor-edged saw blades.


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