11 April 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Its my youngest's 10th Birthday today. I ordered 10 of his favourite cup cakes from Sweet As Cupcakes at the farmers market. I loved picking them up they looked so good in their beautiful boxes tied up with a spotty ribbon.
Because his birthday party is next weekend we decided to take him out to the movies this afternoon as an extra treat. We went to see How to Train a Dragon. A brilliant, funny movie which we all really enjoyed.

Peter and I decided to take some healthy snacks to the movies, instead of paying three times the actual price for some sweets we did not really want. I had some grapes and raspberries from the farmers market and Peter had some dried fruit. When I got out my snack box at the cinema my youngest sat there with his popcorn and his head in his hands, saying I can't believe you actually brought that with you. Isn't it good when you can embarrass your kids.

1 comment:

Jen said...

we always bring our snack food into the movies - its far too much too pay for stuff that you can buy from the local supermarket for so much less
I reckon movies are too expensive as it is theres no way Im buying their food as well

happy birthday to your "double digit" :)


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