16 April 2010

Just when you thing things can't really get much worse ........

I don't really like to complain..............but just when the storm clouds are gathering on our horizon and I am trying to buckle down a bit. The washing machine decides to turn up its toes for good. Leaving a ton of soggy half washed washing -
A huge pile of dirty washing.
A sink full of handwashing to do -
And lots of dripping small boys clothes.
On the upside, living in Hawkes Bay, there is a lot of good sunny weather to dry it all. And another benefit of living in New Zealand, the washing machine is not in the kitchen like in British homes. It is out in the washhouse in the garage, where I can make as much soggy mess as I like.

1 comment:

Jen said...

I do not like it when that happens
hope you get on top of it


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