23 January 2011

Some Christmas stuff - another very late post

I still find it hard to feel Christmasey in the heat, sunshine and warm weather don't really bring out the festive spirit in me. But what is good about Christmas time in Hawkes Bay is the abundance of fruit. The farmers market is full of soft fruit and stone fruit, yum yum yum.
Our ugly plum tree provided us with three bowls full of the most delicious plums again this year. They are so yummy most of them get eaten out in the garden.
One big down side of the heat is I can't manage to make a nice Christmas wreath without it turning to brown dried up wrinkly stuff in a couple of hours. So each day I just keep adding to it with different leafs and plants to find something that will look good, most do for about 5 minutes then they just wilt away. The fennel on the one I did this year did smell lovely. Maybe I should add to my New Year's resolutions this year - dry out some hydrangeas and other stuff in Autumn and save them for next years Christmas wreath. Watch this space next Christmas, bet I forget all about it again.

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