25 January 2011

A wet Sunday walk in my garden

Are you ready for a walk round my garden. The rain has eased a bit its just drizzling. We start at the front door and go past the recycling centre disguised as an old sideboard.
Past the red geraniums and a couple of plants left out ready to plant.
A quick check on the veggies, still there, the caterpillars are not winning yet. We did attempt to have some broccoli for tea. Peter thought I had washed it, and I thought he washed it. Neither of us could bring ourselves to eat it after it was cooked with the dozen juicy caterpillars that did not get washed out. We did not tell the kids and they seemed to enjoy it.
Past some beautiful roses in full bloom.
Then over to have a peer at the caster oil plant, I love to see the rain trapped in its leaves.
Another veggie check, this time to see if the tomatoes have turned red yet. One of them had something to nibble on as I wander about in the drizzle.
Down the lawn heading for the wild part of the garden.
The figs really needed all this rain to allow them to ripen into delicious juicy fruit.
When I bought the two fig trees I was told they were both brown turkey. You can clearly see they are different varieties, I am guessing the one below is the real brown turkey. More research is required to find the variety of the above one. Not that it really matters as long as they taste good.
The previous hours of heavy rain have weighed down the twisty willow from next door. You now have to duck to get down the path under it. I think it looks so magical above the path to the wild bit, I just don't want to trim those lower branches.
With some of the turf Peter cut out of the lawn, a few months ago, he has constructed a curved seat and planted the top with chamomile and low growing thyme. Eventually it will have some wooden duckboards to sit on.
Back up and along the new border. It is really blending into the background now.
A peek down the bank to see how far the creek has risen.
I love the scent of this geranium. It is so pleasant to brush past.
Combined with the scent of the fennel, heavenly.
And more fennel at the side of the garage.
And back around to the front door again and more red geraniums, my favorite colour. I hope you have enjoyed the wet Sunday potter around my garden.
I did - even though I ended up a little soggy and disheveled as usual.


SWEET MARY said...

A lovely walk around your garden thankyou Nicola. Enjoyed all the other blogs too!

Shiree said...

Hello Nicola,
I have juts stimbled on your blog, and I very much enjoyed my walk around your garden, thank you!


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