14 February 2011

Lunch time walk in Napier

When I walk to the shops from work, at lunch time, I pass these steps. I wondered where they led too. Thought you might like to see too.
They led up to this path past some lovely Napier Hill villas.
To this amazing view of the County Hotel and out to Cape Kidnappers and Te Mata Peak.

Or back down the path through the Norfolk Pines to the Pacific.

Spotted a daisy shape on the trim of one of the beautiful villas.
There were more steps to attract my attention, these ones lead up to somebodies garage, a bit of a dead end.
I was tempted to keep exploring, but I don't have a watch and was worried I would get lost and be late back to work. I thought the best idea was to head down the hill.
Very much attracted by these lovely pink flowers.
And there I was back in the centre of town.

Getting back to work was a short walk past the cathedral, more about that building later.
Looking back up that hill towards the houses I had walked in front off, you can not tell the path and steps are there at all.

Round the corner past the museum.
Across the road to the park with the interesting sign. Is passive recreation like passive smoking. If you just hang about in the park are you affected by others recreation?
Lingered for a while among the daisies.
Enjoying an ice lolly, imagining I look like the girl in the Kapati ice cream ad. You can watch it here.
Then noticing myself in the window of the War Memorial Conference Centre - and remembering I am not a young, slim, floaty girl - but actually a short, dumpy, middle aged, unfloaty woman.
And finally back across the street, past the actual war memorial,
round to the steps - a hop, skip and jump back to work all within my lunch hour.

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