20 February 2011

Did I really agree to this.......

In a few weeks time I am going to take part in a triathlon as part of a team. I have been volunteered for the swimming part, a swim of 600m. I am prepared I have all the gear - hat, togs, goggles and rashie top. I decided that a wet suit would not be a good idea at all. The distance did not bother me, I swim between 1000m and 800m in the pool at least a couple of times a week. That was until last week when one of the other members of the team accompanied me down to Pandora Ponds to take a look at the course, to have a go at swimming in the cold sea and against the current. Now the distance bothers me. I have to swim out to that far off distant white dot on the horizon and back over to the other side and then down to the shore. That seems to be a very long way! Then there is the other bit I had totally forgotten about. The clambering out of the water and running up the pebbley shore, dripping wet in my togs to tag the next member of my team. If anyone dares take any pictures of that bit they will be in very big trouble.

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