20 February 2011

An almost perfect day

The last few weeks and weekends have been very busy. Today at last there was a day with nothing much to do. The grass was cut, the ironing was done, there was nowhere I needed to be and nobody I needed to take anywhere. I did not need to get up early. I was able to laze in bed for a bit after having had the best nights sleep in a long time. My youngest and I had breakfast at a cafe in the village, I had a very, very tasty Almond Croissant and he had a very, very large slice of chocolate cake. We then had a little browse around the junk shop together, the first time he has been old enough to be trusted in a cluttered shop full of china. It was very pleasant being able to rummage around with him. He would now like for his birthday a Cash Register, a silver goblet and a picture of a black panther. Hmmm. I spent the rest of the day in the garden sewing and listening to radio 4 over the internet. I started of on the veranda but had to move down where there was more breeze to keep me cool.
I was still out there sewing when Peter came home for tea. He took this sneaky snap while I wasn't looking. As usual catching me from a very unflattering angle.
Buffy was enjoying the breeze and the cooler weather too.


clare's craftroom said...

It sounds like a great day , I hope you have many more of them !

SWEET MARY said...

Looks like the best kind of day.


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