02 May 2011

Failed flapjack makes an interesting reapperance

For some reason my flapjack did not stick together, instead all I had was a bowl full of crumbs. I am talking about traditional tray bake flapjack made with oats and golden syrup. If you know how to make it stick together, please leave a comment. I thought the heap of crumbs would be nice with some apples, we have plenty of those at the moment.

It made a brilliant topping mixed with some crumble topping. Yum, yum, yum all it needed was some custard. But the cupboard was bare, I did not have any tins of custard or custard powder, there was not even any ice cream left in the freezer. Peter had already left work and was on the way home so he could not pick up any at the supermarket. How hard can this be I thought, I can make my own custard. With the help of the internet it was easy, why have I never made my own custard before. Was it the memory of lumpy school custard with a skin on the top? Probably. My custard was not lumpy and it was eaten to fast for it to get a skin on it. No more tins of custard in this house.

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