15 May 2011

Playing in the woods down at the creek

In one of his books, Monty Don says that gardening is playing in the mud for grown ups. I agree. As a child I liked to play in the woods, I loved just wondering around and sitting eating a secret bar of chocolate in among all the greenery. Now as a so called adult nothing has changed. I still love to muck about in among the trees. I am so lucky to own the smallest wood in the world, with a creek running through it.
A few weekends ago I had a spare day with no jobs to do around the house, no bits of wood to rub down or oil, no meals to cook as Peter was at home. So I gathered together a few cutting tools, my radio in a handy basket and off I toddled into our wood, to spend the day clearing up.
I am glad I did, the previous few days winds had blown down a lot of walnuts, which were just lying around ready to grab.
I was not alone down there. Mr Blue Eyes the eel was interested in what I was up to.
Little Miss Fantail, was also not far away. Tweeting away in annoyance at every little branch I moved.
There were even a couple of Tui's hanging around. And I swear they were singing along to the music from the radio, 70's hits. Or maybe they were shouting at me to turn it off and stop spoiling there peace and quiet.
At the end of it all a good bonfire, to clear up all the dead branches. Which is when the rest of the family turned up with sausages, bread and ketchup. Wish they had brought some marshmallows too.

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