17 May 2011

Today's daisies and a lunch time walk in the Autumn Sunshine

The sun was shining beautifully at lunch time today. The daisies were blooming and bees buzzing. A perfect day for a walk, so I took a slight detour on my way to the shops to buy a savory muffin, which was delicious in case you were wondering. The Olive Branch Bakery in Hastings St, Napier makes the best savory muffins for only $2 each, try them out next time you are in Napier.
I always find it amazing to see how daisies can manage to grow in the strangest places. We primp and preen our gardens, feed them, pamper them and water them. Then we turn around to find them growing out of a concrete wall, quite happily.
Mind you, I know plants don't have eyes, but if they did then this is the view that little patch of daisies would have.
I think the back of the building below looks like a giant cake tin. Not what they had in mind when they designed it, I suppose.

On the last corner before I reached the shops, I found this bougainvillea hanging over a wall.

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