29 May 2011

My favourite flower is ...........................

Surprisingly, no daisies are not my favorite flower when it comes to scent. For me freesias have the most wonderful aroma. When we first arrived in New Zealand it was September. On the first morning walking down into the village, I could smell the blooming freesias. What a brilliant country I thought.
To bulk up the small bunch of freesias I bought I added some leucadendrons.
I was going to add some gardenias to bulk them up, but the scent of the gardenias was a little strong and did not add to the freesias.
An exceptionally beautiful flower.
When you look at them closely. But in my garden they flower on a bush that looks like somebody emptied a waste paper bin on it. Perhaps I need to prune it to a more compact shape.
While out in the garden picking flowers, I got a little sidetracked by autumn colour again.
The liquid amber has almost lost all of its leaves but the colour is still amazing.
And while looking up at the liquid amber I spotted this beautiful kingfisher on the telephone wires.
Stunning isn't he, I love the colour of his tale.

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SWEET MARY said...

The freesias with the lucadendrons - beautiful. Great pic.


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