15 January 2012

Back to travels of a redundant mum - day three

I know that it has been a long time but if you cast your mind way, way back to here - the story continues with a road trip from Taupo down to Wellington. Before we left the shores of lake Taupo we had to visit some bubbling mud pools, they were on Sheena's "Things to see in New Zealand" list. We took a little detour off the road to Wellington through Turangi to the village of Tokaanu.
Next to the hot pools in Tokaanu, which are well worth a visit, is a little walk full of native flowers and wildlife and bubbling mud pools.

and steaming pools and beautiful vistas.
The little creek that runs past the hot pools was teeming with fish. I have never seen so many fish, just basking in the hot water and sun shine.
It felt like you could just reach forward and pick them up. It was good to see that the creek was designated as a spawning ground and fishing was prohibited.

Back on the road again we were off down the desert road heading for Wellington. I have never driven down the desert road before and was really looking forward to the trip.

It is such a fantastic drive with stunning views. It is so high up and so beautiful, right on top of the world. I was driving so not to many pics taken by me. We did stop for a quick couple of snaps though.

Hopefully it will not take as long to post the next two days of our travels, a day in Wellington and the drive home.

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Anonymous said...

The first photo reminded me of my visit to Rotarua in 2001! Fabulous photos of the fish - the water is so clear!


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