04 January 2012


I am still playing with my new camera, getting used to the new facilities, maybe one day I might read the instructions. The photo above is a moth on our house. I kept walking past it all day, catching sight of it out of the corner or my eye and thinking that the paint was chipped and I could see the wood underneath, then remember, nope its a moth disguised as a bit of wood. If it had been sleeping on the bark of a tree I would never have spotted it.

The bug below, so I am told by my sarcastic husband, is a cricket not a spider. Just because I happened to say it had legs like a spiders. Another bug with a great disguise, if it had been sitting on a leafy plant I would never have been able to spot it either. But luckily for me it decided to sit on a rather dusty surface in our garage.

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Anonymous said...

Super photos! At least we are relatively bug-free at this time of year!


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