13 January 2012

More goodies from the garden

It seems to be a good year for plums in our garden. The first tree to ripen has been covered in yummy, succulent plums, lots of which I have stuffed in the freezer. I have given away a few tubs and I have eaten lots and lots. And left a few for the birds.
The other plum tree is weighed down with a lot of fruit. The branches are touching the ground.
I am looking forward to them ripening. Lots of plum crumble and plum cake to come.
Plums aren't the only fruit ripening in our garden. The figs that have been hanging on the tree for months have decided to ripen right now.
One of the pair of fig trees has never produced any edible fruit, until this year and one enormous fig has grown and grown.
I thought it would never ever ripen. But it has and it was as scrummy as it looks. Now there are a lot of little figs on the tree ready to ripen.

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Pixie said...

jealous jealous me!


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