29 January 2012

I love a good Op shop day

I was having coffee with Keriann from Sweet Mary the other morning and she suggested we could go visit a couple of op shops. The couple of shops then turned into quite a few. A well worth few shops. I found lots of things I like all for $5 or less. I love a bargain. And I also found lots of fabric to use over at Coulter & Coulter. The best fabric bargain was 6m of pale blue cotton that I found hiding at the bottom of a basket. The best item found does not look like much, in fact I did not see it, Keriann pointed it out. And I could not believe that I found this item.
When we moved over here I brought with me a light fixture from Ikea that I really, really liked. Unfortunately after it traveling all the way over here, it got broken being moved from one box to another when we were unpacking. There are no Ikea stores in New Zealand, the light fitting had been discontinued. I even found two little lamp shades for $2 last week that on looking at I thought wouldn't they have gone really well with that Ikea light. I had no hope of ever finding one. Until Keriann pointed it out to me, hidden at the back of the junk shop in dusty cardboard box. Yay, synchronicity. I have no idea where I will put it, but I will take special care of it until it is hanging up somewhere in my home.


softearthart said...

So do I, cheers Marie

Pixie said...

great score! I just used your name on my blog, it's only fair to tellyou....come visit. and happy new year.


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