23 June 2007

Container Cottage

Found this on Container Cottage on Trade Me (kiwi version of EBay ). Need a house and don't want to have a mortgage. All you need is a tiny section. I can guess what the neighbours would say in Havelock. Or if your kids won't leave home you could drop them a hint by getting them one for christmas.

Container Cottage
Location: City CentreNapier CityHawkes Bay
Rooms: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Property type: Unit
Price: Asking price $46,000

Brand new built 20 ft container that has not been accupied with one bedroom, shower, kitchen, it requires an outside porter loo because of size and pleasantries, has external lights for this reason at the back by the gas bottle mount.Gas calufont hot water, new engineered stone bench top,new gas cooking hob, new fridge and outside banit for barbeque.new Solar, wind, or can be powered by a 230 generator, 12 volt system with ceiling lights/fans that circulate air into ceiling space to vents to outside for collecting roof condensation.Full battened and isulated walls and ceilings, full steel doors which inables it to be left in isolation accompanied with its internal electrical dumping system that activates when power is not been consumed from the sealed battery bank, it dumps to drive a heater and fan stopping any mildew problems. this unit can be helicopter air lifted into isolation, trucked, or shipped.

I love the idea of the heater and fan coming on to deal with mildew.

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