13 June 2007

Another of last weekend's bargins. I bought this for a whole $5 from Trade Me. Unfortunatly the top turned out to be formica (yuk). Now all it needs a new top (maybe I could buy another desk with a nice top and rubbish legs), a good clean up, perhaps a paint job and some new handles. Then it is destined to be a new sewing and cutting table for me.


Blossom Hill said...

This little bargain certainly has potential, my fingers are itchy just looking at it!
Good luck, can't wait to see the 'after' pictures.

Nicola said...

I have to admit that the pics from your blog have been inspireing me. It is so cool to be able to get something cheap and give it a make over. It may be a while before I tackle the desk. I have my eye on another Trade Me bargin that might provide a new desk top.


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