11 June 2007

My new toy, no it is not a sewing machine, it is a sewing computer according to the manual (perhaps I should read that some time). It does amazing things like thread needles, fill a bobbin without the reel flying off and has loads of cool stiches. I should be able to get the label for Katherine's quilt done now. Just need to sort out my sewing room (Mum's bedroom last week) and do up my new bargin to put my sewing computer on. More about my bargain at a later date.


Blossom Hill said...

Wow! That's a fancy looking machine. I have never used one, but know they are amazing. I just have a very basic 'Singer' at the moment, which sometimes drives me potty with frustration! Maybe that's why I do so much hand sewing?

Nicola said...

I have had my old basic Elna for years and was very attached to its tempremental ways. It did very well for the 5 years I did the craft market circuit making 1000's of little girls reversible dresses etc. I am going to get it a service and pack it away, I am sure it will come in useful sometime.


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