22 June 2007

Today's Daisy

Today's daisies are on a top I wore to go out last weekend. The firm I work for had a mid-winter celebration. We started at The Filter Room for tasting and cheese platters. The food was great and I enjoyed the Cider with ginger the most. Then on to Ormlie Lodge for the main course and a tour of the hotel (one of my collegues used to work there so he showed us around). To reach our final destination we were picked up by a strech hummer, an interesing experience. I am not going to say much about the final destination the Speights Ale House, it is not getting a link. I was meant to have mud pie, instead I got a large plate of beer ice cream, which was very nice but not mud pie.
Basically the whole evening was just a posh pub crawl and very enjoyable.

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